Why choose Jira over Trello?


Trello no longer has the functionality to support my business process, will Jira be a better fit?


This software development company had grown quickly, and Trello no longer had the right functionality to support the way the organization was working today.  After an investigation into the client’s business processes, and gaining an understanding of their requirements, we installed an instance of Jira. We began demonstrating how it could be customized to meet the client’s needs.  Rather than spend time researching and documenting our findings, we took a hands-on approach where the customer was able to see the benefits of using Jira straight away.  The client was fully involved in every step of the configuration process, which meant decisions were made quickly, and the results were apparent immediately.

jira board


Jira is a more robust solution that is better suited to complex project and reporting requirements.  This plus the ability to leverage third-party apps means that Jira was definitely a better fit for our customer.