Confluence Server Administration

Confluence Server Administration


Are you a new Confluence administrator that needs to set up a new Confluence Server instance or take on oversight of an existing one? Do you need to know where to get started and learn the most important Confluence administrative tasks? If this sounds like you, this course is for you.

In the Confluence Server Administration course, you’ll gain a solid introduction to configuring your instance, managing your users and groups, and controlling access. You’ll also learn how to effectively administer spaces and manage content, including structuring content so it’s easy to find and use, cleaning up and maintaining content, and controlling access to content. The course includes a variety of business use cases and hands-on exercises to assist you in understanding Confluence administration. Best practices are included for each topic.

Duration:  7 hours
Level:  Introductory


After attending the Confluence Server Administration course, attendees should be able to:

  • Configure system settings
  • Set up access to your Confluence site
  • Configure global permissions
  • Create and configure spaces
  • Manage content in your spaces
  • Back up spaces and your Confluence site


  • Confluence Administrators
  • Space administrators who want to become a Confluence administrator


Atlassian University’s Confluence Essentials course or equivalent. You should also be comfortable with creating and editing pages, using macros, and working in spaces.


  • Configuring your system
  • Setting-up users and security
  • Administering spaces
  • Managing content
  • Ongoing Confluence administration