Onboarding Atlassian

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Onboarding Atlassian

How do we onboard Atlassian?

We’ll start by working with you to understand how your business functions. That way we can find how Atlassian tools can best support you.  In addition, we’ll make some recommendations on which products and apps will be the best fit as well. Once we do that, we can then help you implement them. Thinkando does Consultancy well, and we can’t wait to share that with you!

Our official Authorized Atlassian trainers will put together a coherent training plan for you. This will be complete with all the information about your Atlassian setup that you’ll need to manage your instance and maximize your output.

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Onboarding Atlassian case study


We spoke with a medium size web-agency that had recently invested in Jira.  Client was unsure if they were making the most of the tool. They also needed help making sure their teams know how to use it.


After a short call to understand more about the challenge the client was facing, we went onsite so that we could look at the customer’s Jira instance in some detail.  We understood they were happy to work in an agile way and didn’t require a lengthy requirements-gathering and report writing phase at the start of the engagement. We were able to quickly show them how changes to their workflows would better match their business practice.

Once the configuration phase was complete, we moved on to the training element.  Since we had a Jira instance that was fully configured to the customer’s requirements, we were able to use that instance to demonstrate the key principles of Jira and how to make the most of it.  Using the customer’s instance with real-life examples provides a more meaningful experience to the delegates that means their understanding of how the tool can work in their environment is fully understood and assimilated.


Six months later, the client is happy that the changes we made alongside the training have resulted in a system that works for them.  Within one month of contacting us, their instance was configured to match the organization’s preferred way of working, and everyone using the tool knew how to do so effectively.

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