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Atlassian Training

Our authorized Atlassian instructors deliver Atlassian training to teams of all sizes, all over the world.  Whether you’re an experienced user of the tools or just starting out, we can help you make the most of every team.

Atlassian Licenses

We can manage your licenses or purchase them on your behalf.

We are Authorized Atlassian Partners

We are an authorized Atlassian solution partner with over 10 years experience of on-boarding organizations with Atlassian tools.

At Think&Do we provide a full service that introduces the Atlassian tools into your organization. We know that onboarding teams can be challenging and understand the importance of training to embed the products and increase awareness on how to make the most of those products.

We Pledge 1%

Think&Do is a supporter of the Pledge 1% movement. For more information on Pledge 1 % see  www.pledge1percent.org