My First Atlassian Summit

My first Atlassian summit in Las Vegas


What is Atlassian Summit, and why is it important?

For those of you who don’t know, Atlassian Summit is a huge conference that Atlassian holds every year. This year, Atlassians, Partners, and Customers are gathering together in Las Vegas to attend for keynotes, attend workshops and training and much more.

Why am I so excited to attend Atlassian Summit 2019?

For me, it’s particularly exciting since even though I’ve been directly involved in Atlassian Summit over the past few years as an Atlassian employee, I haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet!

During my time with Atlassian, I did a lot of operational work for Atlassian Summit, so while I am familiar with the back-end operations of Summit, I am happy to finally be part of the event this year and see it from a different perspective and a fresh set of eyes.

As a former Atlassian and now a member of the Think&Do family, I have high expectations and hopes for this year’s Summit. I’ll be supporting the delivery of two days of training on Jira and Confluence together, delivered by Think&Do’s highly-rated training star, Dave Gee. I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from his classes, I know he’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see him in action!

Recommended Sessions and Keynotes

I’ve also read up on some of the Keynote speakers, and the really helpful workshops available and I know we are all in for a treat!

Since there are so many presentations to attend and I can’t attend every one, I’ve made a list of the ones I want to attend the most. They are:

1. Ask the Experts: Making an Impact as a Community Leader

Atlassian Community is a great way to find other Atlassian users (and actual Atlassians) to interact with, ask questions and even trade tips that work best for you and your teams. I’d love to hear from the leadership behind this initiative and find out some other ways to use Atlassian Community to my benefit.

2. Create the Future of Work While You’re Living It

Technology has always fascinated me, and this presentation is about the ever-changing workplace technology around us. Things like AI, automation and machine learning are our future and Dom is going to go over ways we’ve been working sharing new essential tips with us on how to not just survive with these changes, but to thrive as well!

3. How To Use Trello As A Process Management Tool

I love Trello and Confluence! Any opportunity to find out the new updates, I’m there.  I hear that some new features will be unveiled for the first time during this very keynote. This presentation is designed to introduce you to the world of knowledge base work, and how you can use Confluence and Trello to increase productivity therein.

Networking and seeing friends

Most of all, I’m excited to see old friends and hope to meet new ones. I’m Looking forward to the networking, knowledge sharing, and so much more that will come with Summit. I plan to absorb and bask in it all. While there is still a lot I don’t know, here is what I DO know.

Atlassian Training at Summit 2019

Atlassian Summit is a magical event where you can participate in some really cool things like:

…and there’s so much more! I’ll be spending the rest of the evening packing up and getting myself ready to experience it all and I’ll be sure to post an update post Summit to tell you all about my first time at Atlassian Summit.

Love and Light,

Millie D